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When using a client-side router with Fluxxor, you need to find a way to get your Flux instance into the instantiated component. The React Router project makes this a cinch.

First, define your routes:

var routes = (
  <Route handler={App}>

    <Route name="inbox" handler={Inbox}>
      <Route name="message" path=":messageId" handler={Message} />
      <DefaultRoute handler={InboxStats} />

    <Route name="calendar" handler={Calendar} />
    <DefaultRoute handler={Dashboard} />


For each component you list as a route handler (App, Inbox, Message, InboxStats, Calendar, and Dashboard in this example), be sure to mix in Fluxxor's FluxMixin.

Finally, run your router, and when you instantiate your component, pass in flux as a property. Since each defined route handler uses FluxMixin, the flux object will be propagated throughout your application., function(Handler) {
  React.render(<Handler flux={flux} />, document.body);

Be sure to check out the React Router example for a working demonstration of this technique.

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