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Using with React

Fluxxor can be used with any JavaScript framework (or no framework at all!), but it's designed to work well with React.

Batched Updates

Starting in React v0.12, React exposed an addon called batchedUpdates that allows you to manually batch React updates when outside of the normal React synthetic event lifecycle. This can be useful to ensure you don't get cascading dispatch errors with Fluxxor if you dispatch actions from within componentWillMount or componentDidMount. In React v0.14, this was moved to the react-dom package, and renamed to unstable_batchedUpdates.

As of Fluxxor v1.6.0, there is a new method available you can use to tie Fluxxor action dispatches to the React batched update addon. To use unstable_batchedUpdates with Fluxxor, use Flux#setDispatchInterceptor with ReactDOM.unstable_batchedUpdates; for example:

var ReactDOM = require("react-dom"),
    Fluxxor = require("fluxxor");

var flux = new Fluxxor.Flux(stores, actions);
flux.setDispatchInterceptor(function(action, dispatch) {
  ReactDOM.unstable_batchedUpdates(function() {

Note that ReactDOM.unstable_batchedUpdates is specific to the DOM renderer, and is not appropriate for use in React Native apps, or apps that use other custom renderers.


Fluxxor includes a couple mixins to make interop with React easier; check out the documentation on Fluxxor.FluxMixin and Fluxxor.StoreWatchMixin for more information.

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