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Fluxxor.StoreWatchMixin is a simple React mixin that assists with watching for "change" events on one or more stores. Normally, you'd need to bind to store change events in componentDidMount and unbind them in componentWillUnmount to keep from leaking memory. Additionally, you'd need to set up handlers to pull data from the stores during change events and lifecycle hooks (such as getInitialState).

StoreWatchMixin simply requires that you:

  1. Define a method on your component called getStateFromFlux that returns an object representing the part of the component's state that comes from the Flux stores.
  2. Have a prop or context property named flux that points to the Flux instance with the stores. This is automatic if you use FluxMixin.

The mixin will then automatically

  1. Bind to "change" events for each store when the component mounts
  2. Unbind from "change" events when the component unmounts
  3. Automatically call setState with the return value of getStateFromFlux when a store emits a "change" event
  4. Automatically set the component's initial state based on the return value of getStateFromFlux when the component mounts (note that this object is merged with any other getInitialState functions defined on the component or other mixins)

Note that StoreWatchMixin binds events in componentDidMount and not componentWillMount in order to prevent memory leaks when rendering React components that use Fluxxor on the server using Node.js. This means that actions fired from componentWillMount that result in "change" events in your stores will not update the component; consider moving such actions to componentDidMount instead.


var React = require("react"),
    Fluxxor = require("fluxxor"),
    FluxMixin = Fluxxor.FluxMixin(React), // or window.React, etc.
    StoreWatchMixin = Fluxxor.StoreWatchMixin;

var MyStore = Fluxxor.createStore({ ... }),
    OtherStore = Fluxxor.createStore({ ... });

var stores = {
  MyStore: new MyStore(),
  OtherStore: new OtherStore()
var actions = { ... };

var flux = new Fluxxor.Flux(stores, actions);

var MyComponent = React.createClass({
  mixins: [FluxMixin, StoreWatchMixin("MyStore", "OtherStore")],

  getStateFromFlux: function() {
    var flux = this.getFlux();
    return {

  render: function() {
    // ...

See a typo? Something still not clear? Report an issue on GitHub.